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Trekking of Perugino: from Paciano to Panicale

January 5, 2019

Paciano, was ranked among the most beautiful historical centres in Italy. It is the ideal place not only for those who want to turn back time in its alleys and picturesque views, but also for those who love walking in contact with nature. This natural environment allows you to go on an excursion on a trail that links Paciano to Panicale, that are situated in two opposite slopes of the Mount Petralvella.

Going through the gate porta Rastrella you exit the centre of Paciano and take the uphill towards Panicale. The first part of the path goes through a typical Mediterranean wood, with chestnuts, oaks, bushes, junipers and wild roses. You carry on along a alley with pine trees until you reach the picnic area of the Mount Pausillo at 617 metres above the sea level. The trekking trail goes back then to get the peak of the Mount Petrarvella. From the top of the mountain, at about 638 metres above the sea level, you will enjoy a wonderful view of the lake Trasimeno, and will be amazed by the beauty of the landscape that inspired the great Perugino in all his works.

The trekking trail ends in the western side of Panicale, on a country path where you can also spot the Nestore Valley and the slopes of the Mount Arale.

For a more passionate experience, you can walk this trail on your own or you can be guided by an expert outdoor guide. You can reserve it just by following the link here below:

Paciano, the look of an artist


At the discovery of the lands of Perugino

December 7, 2018

In a short piece of land on the borders between Umbria and Tuscany, across the Chiana Valley and the Trasimeno lake, there are four medieval centres worth to be mentioned: Città della Pieve, Panicale, Paciano and Piegaro; they all have one thing in common: thanks to the beauty of their views they became a great source of inspiration for the famous Italian painter Pietro Vannucci, also known as “Il Perugino”.

Perugino himself who was born in Città della Pieve and whose works are still safeguarded in churches, museums, art galleries and Oratories all over Italy and Europe, brought fame and prestige to this part of Umbria.

With this blog, that is linked to our internet site “Terre del Perugino”, we want to show you all the local traditions, local art and the beauty of these places, where it is still possible to lead a quiet life, eat good food and being surrounded by nature.

Be there!