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At the discovery of the lands of Perugino

December 7, 2018

In a short piece of land on the borders between Umbria and Tuscany, across the Chiana Valley and the Trasimeno lake, there are four medieval centres worth to be mentioned: Città della Pieve, Panicale, Paciano and Piegaro; they all have one thing in common: thanks to the beauty of their views they became a great source of inspiration for the famous Italian painter Pietro Vannucci, also known as “Il Perugino”.

Perugino himself who was born in Città della Pieve and whose works are still safeguarded in churches, museums, art galleries and Oratories all over Italy and Europe, brought fame and prestige to this part of Umbria.

With this blog, that is linked to our internet site “Terre del Perugino”, we want to show you all the local traditions, local art and the beauty of these places, where it is still possible to lead a quiet life, eat good food and being surrounded by nature.

Be there!